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Presenting the quick-mounting, durable carbide-tipped ice and snow traction stud. These patented studs can be anchored to any kind of new or used, normal or snow tIre, endless track or hiking boot, with or without the help of pre-made holes or seats. Mounting is so easy that it can be done even by inexperienced persons, by hand or with a variable-speed power drill. The studs can be smoothly removed and remounted after use, too. A wide range of stud styles and sizes is available for every situation and application. One can choose the number of studs to be inserted, and the pattern of insertion, and may increase or decrease the number later on, adjusting grip in a customized way.

Ordering Information

Best-grip studs are sold with the Best-grip stud installer tools. This tool fits into any electric drill or screwdriver handle. Tools are available for ordering separately as well.

Dealer information

Best-grip studs are available at both retail and wholesale prices. If you would like to become a dealer, please contact us for a dealer application, by email to

The studs are available in many sizes and can be used on: